Shipments and returns

Shipment of your parcel entrusts orders placed at our shop with GLS courier

Thanks to a special agreement, it was possible to apply UNICHE and lighter tariffs, which allow the customer to better cushion the transport costs.

There is also a shipping tracking system, with which you can know directly from our site the actual position of the ordered goods.

However sometimes, the service provided by the courier may not meet your expectations. To facilitate delivery, and to protect you as a customer, let us know what it is good to expect from the courier and what not, what steps to take to avoid problems and how to monitor the shipment.

What happens when the parcel is regularly EVASO and SHIPPED during the day? adopts a delivery service of Espresso type (the delivery takes place in 24 hours and up to 48 hours from the time of delivery of your parcel to the courier, except for orders placed on weekends, where delivery takes place in 48 hours ). If your order is regularly checked and shipped, you will receive an order confirmation email containing the link to access the convenient online tracking, with which you can track the status of your shipment in the evening only after 8pm.

This same information is available in the section "INSERT LINKS TO USER PROFILE / TRACKING ORDER SECTION"

In the vast majority of cases you will receive your package with the expected timings and will not incur any problems.

What if the courier fails to deliver the parcel to the FIRST attempt? If delivery is not made within 24/48 hours, the indicated address is unlikely to be correct or incomplete; Or the recipient is absent.

Be aware that the courier is obliged to leave a transit alert, indicating a phone number to call for a second pass.

And if the parcel gets damaged? Eye to abuses and tampering.

First of all, an important advice to avoid problems: if you get a tapered neck or if you feel that there are broken products inside it, you accept the parcel with reserve.

Some items might have been subtracted from the parcel (the sharper ones make very small holes in the boxes to extract the products and these are not visible unless they are attentive) or the goods may have been damaged during transport. It checks the existence of at least two packing straps and adhesive tape and the absence of any tampering. If the parcel is clearly tampered with, ask the courier to check the contents together with you (I invite you for not being held) or accept the parcel by signing with RESERVE. Enter the MOTIVES of the courier or the description of the DAMN immediately from the parcel, making it note to the courier, and contact us immediately.


The order office avoids all orders arriving daily and in order of arrival. Your order will generally be escaped on the same day if it will be made to you by 12:00. The evasion time is variable, as it becomes 24/36 hours after the weekend or when there is an increase in the number of Orders arrived on a daily basis. This information is visible to you when order confirmation is made. Shipping times vary between 24 and 48 hours. The courier does not deliver on Saturdays and Sundays. Orders received on Saturday's day are regularly checked on Saturdays but are still entrusted to the courier on Monday. They will therefore be delivered from Tuesday.



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